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External / Statutory Auditing

SME Auditors & Accountants provide external auditing and analysis to companies to control cost and improve cost efficiency, enhance overall profitability and make effective management procedures.

Audit of Financial statements required by the Statute governing that organization as per the provisions of same statute. A statute is the particular law or Act governing a particular organization. SME Business Management Consultancy have the law of Act governing by UAE. Our team of expert finance and management professionals capable of providing client requirement of that particular act that our organisation needs toOur get its accounts audited.

Statutory audit is a compulsory audit, We offer careful examination of decisions and actions of the management in order to analyze the performance in the field of accounting, auditing and tax services.

The primary stages of an external audit are:

  • Planning and risk assessment to understand the business and its environment in which it operates to assess the risks that could impact the financial statements.
  • Internal controls testing for assessment of the effectiveness of an entity’s suite of controls, concentrating on such areas as proper authorization, the safeguarding of assets, and the segregation of duties.
  • Substantive procedures includes a broad array of procedures.
  • An external auditors is a member of recognized professional accountancy bodies and normally address their reports to the shareholders of a corporation or to the owners of the business entity. An external auditors are subjected to strict rules and regulations to uphold their integrity and to establish independent consulting activity.

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