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Cost Audit

Our SME team of accounting and finance professionals will assist you to assess and improve performance and consequently profitability. The SME team provides insights and will arrive at recommendations that are sustainable for improved performance and cost effectiveness including personnel, processes and systems.

Cost audit would be what you have claimed as costs and deducted from your taxes and somehow it got the attention of the tax auditor.

For SME Business Management Consultancy, cost audit can be classified into following categories:

  • Compulsory cost audit to be conducted in compliance to the legal & regulatory framework.. Or under the guidance and supervision of the      government or any statue.
  • Cost audit for management and control over cost of the production.
  • Cost audit is often conducted voluntarily by the management to keep a check upon the efficiency and efficacy of the day to day      operations of the organization.
  • Cost audit on behalf of labour forces/ trade union.
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