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VAT Registration in UAE

For VAT registration in the UAE you should complete an online VAT Registration form which is available through Federal Tax Authority online portal. Once the registration is complete, a Tax Registration Number (TRN) will be provided to the applicant.

Supporting documents required for VAT Registration in the UAE:

a. Trade license

b. Certificate of incorporation

c. Emirates ID

d. Articles of Association

e. Bank Account details

f. Description of business activities

g. Last 12 months turnover

h. Projected future turnover

i. Expected values of imports and exports

j. Expecting any GCC supplies

k. Details of Customs Authority Registration

VAT Registration Process:

VAT Registration is available through done through FTA Online Portal. Once the registration is open, the process to be taken to complete the VAT registration are:

1. Create a new account to login

a. Provide name and other basic details and set new password

b. Verify the email

2. Once login, user can register for VAT. After completing the successful registration user can get a Tax Registration Number (TRN).