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Why VAT Return Filing?

In order to comply with the UAE VAT law, UAE VAT registered businesses have to file their VAT Returns on time. This will help you to avoid penalties and consequences for not obliging with the TAX laws in the region all around UAE.

The First VAT Return Filing for around 80,000 businesses in the UAE will be submitting their VAT returns by April 2018. Businesses and taxable persons has to submit all of their VAT Return within 28 days from the end of each Tax period which has been given by the FTA respectively. The 28th day from the end of a tax period is legally the last day to file the VAT Returns however, all the businesses and taxable person can submit their VAT Returns as early as you can within the 28 days in order to avoid any delay or technical fault.

FTA introduced new tax-paying mechanism to make TAX payments easier for each businesses and individuals. All the businesses and taxable person can now submit their VAT Return Filing through direct debit and GIBAN transfer from any exchanges or banks.

SME Business Management Consultancy engages a team of highly qualified professionals and CA experts with vast knowledge in Audit and Taxation. In addition to that we offer a wide range of VAT Services all over Dubai-UAE includes:-

VAT Registration

VAT Implementation

VAT Compliance Review

VAT Advisory

VAT Return Filing Services